Weimaraner Puppies

We are pleased to announce that Bracken started whelping on Friday 9th May and gave birth to 5 beautiful boys and 4 gorgeous girls.


Bracken has taken to being a mother like a duck to water, she's been taking a quick nap now and then inbetween grooming and feeding her new litter.


By morning Bracken was worn out and starving, looking after a litter of weimaraner puppies is exhausting.

Click the video opposite, Bracken is incredibly proud of her new additions, even if they are hard work.


Meet the gang, at only three days old we can see a big difference in Brackens beautiful little weimaraner puppies. Bracken like her mother Fern is a fantastic mum, for the first three weeks of the little weimaraner puppies lives she will be constantly feeding, cleaning and making sure none of the pups stray too far from the litter.


As you can imagine it is difficult to take an interesting photo thats different for the diary everyday, but somehow you point a camera at a Weimaraner and you always end up with something, that usually makes you smile.


As you can see in the photo's Weimaraner puppies are born with faint grey stripes which over about seven days fade, to the instantly recongizable weimaraner silver grey colour.


The puppies had their first vet check yesterday during which our vet Rick Brown, removed the puppies dew claws, the result was unanimous all the puppies have a good set of lungs.


Now the weimaraner puppies are one week old Bracken will leave them for short periods usually early morning and late evening when they have settled down after suckling. During these periods we try to get her out in the fields to blow of a bit of steam, it cant be easy laying in a whelping box all day with 9 hungry demanding weimaraner puppies.


We took this video of Bracken yesterday taking a brief rest from mothering her pups, she's with her sister Sapphire and mother Fern.


Bracken is constantly grooming her new puppies, but it is important that we ensure the whelping box is kept as clean as possible, its a regular routine that is rigorously scrutinized by Bracken.

DAY 10

Bracken is a fantasic mum, but Fern is a brilliant Granny as well, she does'nt interfere but keeps a watchfull eye on her weimaraner gran-pups.

DAY 11

The first Weimaraner puppies eyes started to open yesterday and surprisingly it is'nt one of the big butch boys, its one of the petite little girls.

DAY 12

Bracken's youngest sister from last years litter Ella, came to visit Bracken yesterday.

DAY 13

If you're a fortnight old Weimaraner puppy all you want to do is drink and sleep and what could be better than using your brother or sister as a pillow.

DAY 14

Bracken's Weimaraner puppies are two weeks old today, which means we weigh them, much to the amusment of the puppies.

DAY 15

At two weeks old we worm the little Weimaraner puppies for the first time, needless to say they don't like the taste, the faces they pull are hilarious.

DAY 16

Thanks for this photo taken by Nigel Simpson, the sleeping pups have formed two clusters, could it be boys vs girls?

DAY 17

Yesterday we bought the Weimaraner puppies new collars in preperation for when we move them into their larger accomodation.

DAY 18

We've had to increase the height of the whelping box sides, there's a few of the pups decided they want to explore the outside world, but soon realise its nicer being cuddled up to mum.

DAY 19

Bracken spending some quality time with her Weimaraner litter.

DAY 20

Thanks to Linsey who found this photo of Flimmoric Fanclub in the Best of Breed book by Patsy Hollings, under the paragraph heading the "Perfect Weimaraner", he is the Grandfather to Brackens litter.

DAY 21

The pups let us clip their claws yesterday, some even enjoyed it.

DAY 22

The Weimaraner Puppies love to come out of the whelping box and be pampered by mum.

DAY 23

The puppies routine at this age is suckle mum, 15 minutes puppies playtime followed by a long snooze, what a life.

DAY 24

Yesterday we started supplementary feeding the pups with milk, to take some of the pressure of Bracken, as the pups grow they need more and more, the pups didn't need showing twice they loved it, licking their bowls dry.

DAY 25

We are feeding the Brackens puppies three times a day now and they love it and so does Bracken.

DAY 26

A WARNING! to all this years prospective Enjager puppies new parents, Stanley from Fern's 2012 litter, in the photo opposite with his Doggles on, is an example of what to expect, our Weimaraner,s have attitude and style.

DAY 27

This morning we put the collars on Brackens Weimaraner Pups, initially they weren't too impressed, but they soon settled down.

DAY 28

We tried taking a photo of all 9 Weimaraner puppies together, it wasn't easy, they don't stay still for long.

DAY 29

Puppy talk, every now and then the pups form in to little groups to play, its incredibly cute to watch them building bonds with their brothers and sisters.

DAY 30

We tried Brackens little Weimaraner puppies on solid food mixed with milk today and they loved it.

DAY 31

Brackens puppies had their first experience of playing on grass yesterday, they were a bit cautious at first but soon settled down to some serious playing.

DAY 32

The pups love the sun, especially when they can play on the grass.

DAY 33

The young Weimaraner puppies are changing fast now their facial features are developing and they are begining to act like young Weimaraner's.

DAY 34

While the other young Weimaraner puppies are playing, this one decides to grab a cheeky drink of milk of mum.

DAY 35

Bracken's Weimaraner pups are 5 weeks old today, so we are dedicating one day's update to each puppy, to give you an insight in to their character.
We start with Black collar, he is quite dominant and independent, he mixes with all the pups but doesn't seem to favor any he's a proper boy.

DAY 36

Blue collar with white spots, he's quite laid back enjoys playtime, eating and regular snooze, makes friends easily, mixes well.

DAY 37

Red collar, very Laid Back, likes to eat, play & sleep in equal measures, mixes well with the other pups but also likes his own space, he has a little hiding place he goes under a garden chair in the garage, when we are feeding them and cleaning their area.

DAY 38

Blue with coloured bones collar, popular with the other pups, little bit cheeky likes to play, tends to go around all the other pups to see whats happening.

DAY 39

Purple collar with white spots, he's a bit cheeky, if you pick him up he will give you a kiss but then nibble your ear, very playful a proper character.

DAY 40

Pink collar with white spots, bossy, cheeky but quite sensitive, likes to play rough as long as she’s not getting hurt, bit of a tomboy.

DAY 41

Pink collar with brown bowes, she likes to play with the other pups but has spells where she likes to be by herself, doesn’t hesitate to take any of the boys on.

DAY 42

Pink collar with black bones, she's a little bit cheecky, little bit naughty but very loving a mummy’s girl, wherever Bracken is she’s not far behind, very fiesty.

DAY 43

Red collar white dots, smallest in the litter, she is a fighter, first to the food, but not one to mess with as some of the boys have learned, very popular with the other pups.

DAY 44

One of my daughters took this photo on her iPhone just before feeding time.

DAY 45

The Weimaraner pups are 6wks old now, it's quite comical to see them play and discover new things.

DAY 46

We applied for Bracken's pups pedigree certificates yesterday from the Kennel Club, there's some great names.

DAY 47

Now the pups are just over 6wks old they love to play, even if they do get a bit rough, surprisingly the pup on top is a girl (pink collar with brown bones) called Ruby and the pup underneath is a boy (black collar) called Spencer.

DAY 48

Following on from yesterdays photo, Ruby's just making sure Spencer knows who the boss is.

DAY 49

Two of the boys spending a little time together out of the way of the girls.

DAY 50

The Weimaraner pups don't miss an opportunity, if mums laying in the shade that’s the perfect chance to grab a cheeky drink.

DAY 51

The photo shows Enjager Raphael carrying his feed bowl, amazingly Bracken does the same.

DAY 52

We took this video yesterday, its difficult if not impossible to get all 9 Weimaraner pups to stay in one place, but I've tried to get as many of the pups as I can on the video.

DAY 53

Three generations of Weimaraners, Fern (Gran) Bracken (Mum) and her pups.

DAY 54

Granny Weimaraner, Fern playing with one of her Gran pups.

DAY 55

Fern & Raphael picking up a scent.

DAY 56

Nigel & Ali picked up their second Enjager Weimaraner yesterday Enjager Soul (Red Collar), otherwise known as Trevor, he will be joining his Uncle Stanley at his new home.
Many thanks to Ali for allowing us to use this video she took of Trevor & Stanley playing.

DAY 57

Dave & Lisa picking up Enjager Endurance Raphael (Purple Collar White Dots) otherwise known as Ralph.

DAY 58

Leanne & Jordan picking up Enjager Quinn (Pink Collar White Dots).

DAY 59

Morag & Steve picked up Enjager Romeo (Blue Collar with Bones) on Saturday, he's gone all the way up to Perthshire to live.

DAY 59

Morag & Steve picked up Enjager Romeo (Blue Collar with Bones) on Saturday, he's gone all the way up to Perthshire to live.

DAY 60

Annie & Phil picking up Enjager Marnie of Evergreen (Pink Collar with Brown Bows) under the watchful eye of Granny Fern on Sunday, Marnie's going to live in Hull.

DAY 61

Fern, Bracken & Saphy with two of Brackens remaining pups.

DAY 62

Bracken's remaining Weimaraner pups, Ruby (We are keeping her), Doodles, Amelia and Spencer.

DAY 63

Amelia copying Bracken.

DAY 64

Mother and daughter, Ruby and Bracken enjoying the sun.

DAY 65

Doodles & Spencer enjoying the sun and having a bit of lads time away from the girls.

DAY 66

Quinn at her new home getting her tummy tickled.

DAY 68

Dave & Linsey picked up Enjager Spencer yesterday, hes's going to live with his Uncle Wesley from Ferns 2012 litter.

DAY 69

Enjager Spencer at home with his Uncle Wesley, ready for play time.

DAY 70

Colleen takes Enjager Doodles home to meet his new play mates, Colleen has another Weimaraner called Diesel, so fun times for Doodles.

DAY 71

Enjager Amelia doesn't go to her new home until 27th July, so theres plenty of time for Fern, Bracken and Saphy to fuss her and Ruby.

DAY 72

Enjager Amelia and Ruby, trying out their new bed and sharing a chew bone.

DAY 73

Woody Enjager Romeo enjoying the recent good weather on a comfortable deck chair.

DAY 74

Marnie, otherwise known as Enjager Marnie of Evergreen playing with her new toys.

DAY 75

Thanks to Dave & Linsey for sending us this video of their new Weimaraner puppy, Enjager Spencer meeting his Uncle Enjager Tyson otherwise known as Wesley.

DAY 76

The photos today are of Enjager Alfie, home name Kai, he's from Ferns 2011 litter, in the photo he's helping test drive his families new mode of transport.

DAY 77

Morag kindly sent us this great photo of Enjager Romeo (Woody), posing for the camera in true Weimaraner fashion.

DAY 78

Ali took this great photo of Trevor & Stanley, a rare moment where they both sat still for a moment.

DAY 79

This year we've being lucky enough to have two of Bracken's Weimaraner pups going to families that already have an Enjager Weimaraner as part of their family, yesterdays photo was of Trevor & Stanley todays is Wesley & Spencer.

DAY 80

It looks uncomfortable, but not to a Weimaraner, Marnie's disappearing in to the sofa.

DAY 81

Last but definitely not least, Enjager Amelia went to her new home yesterday, Steve Rachel & kids are certainly going to have their hands full with Mia (Amelia) she's a brilliant character.

DAY 82

Enjager Quinn, enjoying the Scotish sun.

DAY 82

Thanks to Dave & Lisa for this great photo of Enjager Endurance Raphael or Ralph, the more observant of you will notice that he's got a new collar the same as Enjager Romeo (Woody).

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