Top 10 Tips At What Age Can I Take My Pup Running

1. It’s a difficult question, and many factors need to be taken in to account, some breeds have inherent orthopedic problems, and in those breeds, it would be recommended to wait until their body is more physically mature.

2. Generally it is recommended to wait until your pups growth plates have stopped growing at between 18 – 24 months.

3. Usually smaller breeds of dogs tend to be physically mature before larger breeds.

4. If in any doubt take your pup to your vets and let them advise, they will take in to consideration you’re puppies breed, weight and general well being.

5. Walking is less stressful on your puppies joints than

running and as long as it is not forced (See No 9), is unlikely to cause damage.

7. Regardless of your puppy's age, always be aware of signs of exhaustion, overheating, or dehydration, and stop the activity immediately. Dogs overheat more quickly than people, so be particularly alert to your pup's behavior during exercise in warmer weather.

8. Even when your puppy is old enough to run a reasonable distance, you need to build up their stamina gradually over a period of time, you may be capable of long distances but your pup will be a novice.

9. Forced exercise is defined as "anything beyond what the dog would engage in with dogs of the same age”.

10. But importantly remember your puppy needs regular gentle stimulating play and exercise from an early age.