Bracken & Fansome

On the 12th & 14th March 2014 we took our much loved Weimaraner Enjager Bracken to mate with Gunalt Fansome of Allenie, he is the son (by artificial insemination) of the late great Flimmoric Fanclub a famous American bred Weimaraner from the eighties, his mother is Gunalt Signature also known as Gracie.

Gunalt Fansome of Allenie's father Flimmoric Fanclub is credited with breeding some very famous names in the Weimaraner world i.e. he is the father of Gunalt Harris Tweed, the Grandfather of Gunalt Unstoppable & the Great Grandfather of Gunalt De Ice.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor’s above, Fansome won his Weimaraner class at Crufts this year and is continuing to excel in the show ring.

Opposite is a video of Bracken's 1 month scan, considering our vet scanned her with the same scanner they use on farm and it was filmed using an iPhone it has'nt turned out too bad.

Regular Updates Below

(During Bracken's Pregnancy)

DAY 44

Bracken and Saphy enjoying a cool drink from a stream after a long walk, look at the difference in back width, Bracken's certainly filling out.

DAY 45

A Weimaraners pregnancy is usually 63 days from mating, at 40 days we start worming Bracken daily with Panacur wormer, until two days after whelping (giving birth), this is recomended as the unborn pups can become infected with worms while in the womb. Bracken is no fool trying to get her to take the wormer is difficult, unless you mix it with a little milk as shown opposite, the things you have to do.

DAY 46

An evening's stroll, under the watchful eye of the local sheep.

DAY 47

A playful dispute, Bracken has just taken her bed outside to lay on, but Saphy has other ideas, she wants it.

DAY 48

Sisterly love, Bracken and Saphy checking out a local stream.

DAY 49

Our Weimaraner family out for a walk, Fern (Mum) & her two daughters Bracken (soon to be a mum herself) and Sapphire, Brackens younger sister.

DAY 50

The downside of been pregnant and having a big tummy, Bracken has to wait for us to open gates for her now, before she would have got through some how.

DAY 51

Brackens pregnancy and expanding tummy means she struggles to get comfortable, her favourite place at the moment is sprawled out on the sofa watching tv.

DAY 52

Bracken shows off her expanding waistline.

DAY 53

Being pregnant is very tiring.

DAY 54

Bracken likes to take the weight of her legs and lay on the cool wooden floor.

DAY 55

Sisterly love Bracken and Saphy waiting for a treat, the only time they behave.

DAY 56

With only 7 days to go before Bracken's due date, Stanley came to visit his sister and of course they all had a good play.

DAY 58

A lazy Bracken and Sapphire, leave us alone we want to sleep. Bracken Whelped Today Please Click For Her New Page

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