Enjager Sapphire and Gunalt Overhear 2016

We are pleased to announce that on the 15th & 18th December 2015 we took our stunning Weimaraner Enjager Sapphire or as we call her Saphy to meet Gunalt Overhear, or as he is affectionately known HERO.

This is the second mating between Sapphire & Hero, their first meeting resulted in Enjager Emerald Sunset, who can be seen sitting on top of her mother in the photomontage at the top of the page.

Please see opposite Sapphire's pregnancy scan video, unfortunately the scan doesn’t tell us how many puppies Sapphire has but it confirms she is pregnant at an early stage.

Sapphire at home trying to get comfortable and relax on the sofa after her scan.

5wks in to her pregnancy and Sapphires tummy is starting to show.

When Sapphire is 40 days in to her pregnancy, we start worming her daily with Panacur until 3 days post whelping, this helps reduce pre-natal worm infections and the transfer of worms to the pups from the mother.

Sapphire acting bashful, but don't believe it for one minute.

Thanks to Scott for helping us make Sapphires whelping box, its a work of art.

We might think the whelping box is top notch, but the real test is what Sapphire thinks and we think its passed the test.

Sapphire's at the stage in her pregnancy where she's always hungry, its important that she eats good quality food supplemented with a condition tablet to ensure she has all the nutrients her developing Weimaraner puppies need.

I see a Weimaraner puppy tummy.

Sapphire deep in thought, while relaxing in front of the TV.

Out for a leisurely stroll and a bit of a sniff around, just to see what she can find.

Another stroll, but this time with her Weimaraner family, all trying to sniff out anything edible and a few things that aren't.

Sapphire's big Weimaraner puppy tummy, hopefully she won't get much bigger, her tummies not far of the floor.

There's always time for a bit of grooming from mum, even if it isn't very lady like.

Weimaraner's, all waiting patiently at the gate, one things for sure, if Saphy wasn't pregnant she would be trying to climb through the gaps.

There's always time for a treat, how big is that Weimaraner puppy tummy now.

Congratulations Sapphire & Hero

We are pleased to announce Enjager Sapphire has been whelping all day to day, she has given birth to 8 beautiful Weimaraner puppies.


After a long day Saphy eventually gave birth to 4 boys and 4 Girls, mother and pups are all well.


Sapphire staring lovingly at her new puppies, while we change their bedding.


Its not easy been the mum to 8 hungry little Weimaraner puppies, poor Saphy won't even leave them to eat, for the first couple of days we have to feed her in the whelping box.


Even at a few days old we start to see little characters apearing out of the litter, the little Weimaraner puppy in the photo decided it was a good idea to suckle mum while upside down, not a good idea.


All Sapphires little Weimaraner pups have their new collars on now so we can identify them.


From birth Saphy's Weimaraner puppies are weighed daily, so we can check their weight gains and make sure they are all feeding correctly.


Smallest pup, but probably the smartest, little yellow collar finds the the best seat in the house, snuggled up under mums leg.


The Weimaraner puppies are little milk monsters.


What better than a snooze, after a hard days play.

DAY 10

A litter of sleepy heads, cuddling up to keep nice and warm.

DAY 11

The little Weimaraner pups grow fast now, they quickly start to look more like Weimaraners, especially when their ears start growing.

DAY 12

As you can see in the photo, the Weimaraner puppies faces are changing fast, their ears and snouts grow and they start looking more like little Weimaraners.

DAY 13

Over the last two days some of Sapphires Weimaraner puppies eyes have started opening, better watch out usually as soon as their eyes open they try escaping the whelping box .

DAY 14

While Sapphire's puppies are feeding, Sapphire is constantly grooming them, its a hard life been a mum to 8 little pups.

DAY 15

A brief moment of piece & quiet for Sapphire, all her pups are fed and groomed and resting.

DAY 16

Sapphire's pups started their two week worming yesterday, fare to say they didn't like it.

DAY 17

As the Weimaraner pups grow, so do their nails and unfortunately for Saphy they scratch her when their suckling, hence we clip their nails regularly.

DAY 18

Sapphire keeps a watchful eye over her Weimaraner puppies, their nearly big enough to escape the whelping box.

DAY 19

No rest for Sapphire on mothers day.

DAY 20

Security on the whelping box has been stepped up and the height of the sides increased, incase of a mass escape.

DAY 21

Sapphires Weimaraner puppies have now progressed from wearing ribbon collars to kitten collars, won't be long and they will be wearing puppy collars.

DAY 22

Green collar boy, laying on his back showing off his white star, on his chest.

DAY 23

Sapphire's Weimaraner pups have started playing together now, its quite funny to watch.

DAY 24

The little Weimaraner pups are becoming very inquisitive, poor Sapphire can't do anything without an audience.

DAY 25

One of Sapphire's pups keeping a watchfull eye on her.

DAY 26

Purple collar, experiencing life upside down.

DAY 27

Saphy's Weimaraner daughter, pink collar showing off her white star.

DAY 28

Sapphires growing Weimaraner Pups are always hungry.

DAY 29

Saphy's pups have now moved in to our NEW Puppy Creche, a purpose built puppy area with underfloor heating. This allows Saphy to be able to visit her pups whenever she wants 24/7, but more importantly when she leaves the creche the pups can't follow. This allows Sapphire to have her own time and come and go as she pleases so she can recoup and regain her condition.

DAY 30

We introduced Sapphires little Weimaraner puppies to additional milk yesterday, this helps take some of the strain off Sapphire and helps satisfy the puppies ever growing need for food.

DAY 31

Sapphire & her pups are snug as a bug in a rug in their new creche, underfloor heating and a heat lamp.

DAY 32

The little Weimaraner pups have plenty of space to get up to mischief now.

DAY 33

Three of Saphy's pups enjoying a good play.

DAY 34

Saphy having 5 minutes away from her Weimaraner pups, out for a walk with her Mum, Sister, Niece, Brother & Nephew (Stanley & Trevor).

DAY 35

Saphy's silver collard Weimaraner pup playing with mums ears.

DAY 36

The pups are progressing from been babies to mini Weimaraner's now, their quite comical to watch.

DAY 37

Sapphires puppy, not enjoying his 5wk worming.

DAY 38

Not only are the Weimaraner puppies getting wormed for 3 consecutive days, they've also had their claws clipped, their not very happy.

DAY 39

It looks funny when Sapphire feeds her pups, their just big babies.

DAY 40

Wemaraner puppies on guard, beware.

DAY 41

One of Sapphires Wemaraner puppies interacting with one of their toys.

DAY 41

The pups aren't so small anymore, but when it comes to milk time with their mum, their just big babies, Thanks to Roy Mateer for taking this photo.

DAY 42

Saphy's Weimaraner pups are 6wks old today.

DAY 43

The pups have just started jumping up at and peering over the wall to the puppy creche.

DAY 44

Yesterday was the first day that Saphy's Weimaraner pups have been big enough and the weathers been nice enough, to let them play on the grass and we took some great photos.

DAY 45

The pups grabbing a quick drink while playing on the grass, doesn't look like fun for Sapphire though.

DAY 46

Sapphire with one of her sons.

DAY 47

An inquisitive Weimaraner puppy checking out something new, a step.

DAY 48

One of Saphys Weimaraner pups under the watchfull eye of Grandma Fern.

DAY 49

Sapphires Weimaraner puppies playing with their toys, but not as expected.

DAY 50

Weimarener Puppy Molly relaxing.

DAY 51

Enjager Otto under Mums watchful eye.

DAY 52

Saphy's Weimaraner pups are big enough to peer over the wall of the puppy creche, their not so small anymore.

DAY 53

Its quite comical to watch Saphys puppies interacting with each other.

DAY 54

Saphy's puppy attempting a pointing stance.

DAY 55

A stampede of Weimaraner puppies running around on the grass.

DAY 56

One of Sapphire's pups displaying their large Weimaraner ears.

DAY 57

Yellow Collar Enjager Molly's Profile.

DAY 58

Red Collar Enjager Poppey's Profile.

DAY 59

Green Collar Enjager Otto's Profile.

DAY 60

Silver Collar Enjager Lana Del Grey's Profile.

DAY 61

Purple Collar Enjager Casper County Brook Profile.

DAY 62

Pink Collar Enjager Cleo's Profile.

DAY 63

Blue Collar Enjager Rocco's Profile.

DAY 64

Black Collar Enjager James MacGregor's Profile.

DAY 65

Pink Collar Enjager Cleo with her new family, she lives locally and so we should see lots of her.

DAY 66

Red Collar Enjager Poppey with her new family, Poppey also lives locally and so we should see lots of her as well.

DAY 67

Blue Collar Enjager Rocco with his new family, he will be enjoying plenty of fresh air and rugby matches.

DAY 68

Purple Collar Enjager Casper County Brook with his new family, Casper is going to live on a farm in Lancashire.

DAY 69

Silver Collar Enjager Lana del Grey with her new family, Lana's new home is in Cheshire.

DAY 70

Yellow Collar Enjager Molly with her new family, Molly's off to live with her new family near Ascot.

DAY 71

Black Collar Enjager Jame's MacGregor with his new family, Jame's lives in Edingburgh, but will have frequent trips to the Scotish Highlands.

DAY 72

Green Collar Enjager Otto with his new family, Otto will be enjoying country walks with his new family in Cambridgeshire.

DAY 73

Great photo of Enjager James MacGregor (Black Collar) and Fran out on the streets of Edingburgh, James doesn't walk he likes to be carried, well at least until his vaccinations are complete, Fran is a professional photographer, he's sent some fantastic photos.

DAY 74

Molly (used to be Yellow Collar) inspecting to see if everything is to her liking, Weimaraner's are very particular don't you know.

DAY 75

Rocco (used to be Blue Collar) posing for a photo.

DAY 76

Cleo (used to be Pink Collar) snoozing and lounging with her new toys.

DAY 77

Otto (used to be Green Collar) sitting at home, his best friend is a Dalmatian.

DAY 78

Casper (used to be Purple Collar) playing at home, he's also attending puppy classes.

DAY 79

Poppey (used to be Red Collar) sitting in the bluebells.

DAY 80

Lana (used to be Silver Collar) playing with her new best friend.

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