Fern's Pregnancy Diary

DAY 61

Fern started with the first signs of whelping at 9pm on Monday night, her first pup was born 7:10pm the following night for further updates please open Fern's Pups Diary

DAY 60

Fern started to display signs of been agitated and anxious last night the first signs of whelping, so we stopped up with her all last night. She’s a little calmer this morning, but we will keep a close watch on her now, and keep updating her diary as events unfold.

DAY 59

Fern taking a well earned rest, from checking the farm livestock are ok.

DAY 58

Fern with some of her offspring from her previous two litters, Bracken Sapphy & Dexter.

DAY 57

The things a pregnant Weimaraner has to do to keep cool.

DAY 56

Fern's not happy with her ever expanding waistline.

DAY 55

No ones allowed (mainly Fern's daughters) in Fern's new whelping box, its hers..

DAY 54

Fern's now only 9 DAYS away from her expected due date, and still wanting to work, every now and then we have to put her in the house to keep her out of harms way.

DAY 53

Fern has been laying in the shade alot because of the heatwave, but she still finds time to oversee anything we are doing that looks interesting.

DAY 52

A heavily pregnant Fern soaking up the sun, she loves to go for a morning walk and check out the farm livestock.

DAY 51

While on a walk today Fern met up with Moss the collie, one of her many admirers.

DAY 50

Today is the day we build Ferns whelping box (a lined wooden box designed to be comfortable and safe for the pups to be born in), and Fern is over seeing the construction to make sure its up to her standards.

DAY 49

Fern is on the Panacur worming program, at first she was hesitant of her food with the Panacur on, but at this stage in her pregnancy she is ravenous and will eat anything put in front of her.

DAY 48

A heavily pregnant Fern, trying to get comfortable she is 2Kg heavier this year than previous years.

DAY 47

Its a bit wet and cold today, Fern's decided to spend most of the day in the office.

DAY 46

As Fern gets heavier in pup, she needs more frequent toilet breaks, which means earlier mornings for us.

DAY 45

Fern relaxing with her daughters before a hard days work.

DAY 44

Bracken and Sapphire Ferns daughters sitting with Dexter, and Fern pretending to be innocent in the kitchen.

DAY 43

Fern and her daughters (Bracken & Saphy) going for a ealy morning stroll.

DAY 42

Fern checking out the silage pit, if she's not happy start again.

DAY 41

Fern's had an early morning walk in one of the silage fields, the short stuble grass is ideal for scratching that itch (the video should play on newer browsers & mobile phones, if any problems let me know and I will upload a flash version).

DAY 40

Oh no, day 40 of Fern's pregnancy, we start worming her with panacur every day until the second day after whelping (giving birth), and guess what she does'nt like the taste.

DAY 39

We are picking up the silage Fern and I mowed yesterday, so there's plenty of people around to make a fuss of her, will post a photo later today.

DAY 38

The weathers good, and so I am mowing our 1st cut silage today, Fern will be on the tractor with me keeping a watch full eye on proceedings.

DAY 37

It might be Sunday morning, but Fern wants everyone up bright and early , she's HUNGRY.

DAY 36

Fern's not happy (see photo opposite), we've been clipping sheep on the farm today, and Fern likes to be there in the middle of it all, but because she is pregnant we did'nt want her to get any knocks from the sheep.

DAY 35

Photo of Fern on farm tractor, just another day at work for Fern.

DAY 34

We recieved Fern's scans by e-mail, please see the images opposite of our little weimaraner aliens.

DAY 33

Fern visited the vets today for her mid pregnancy scan.

We will update this page DAILY if possible

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