2012 Weimaraner Pups

Fern's litter this year like last year were exceptional, both in temperment and confirmation.

As last year the pups leave the litter at 8 weeks old, we keep in touch with the pups new parents, and are always only a phone call away if they need any help or advice.

The images opposite are kindly submitted by the pups new owners,


A Weimaraners gestation period
or pregnancy is usually 63 days
or 9 weeks after fertilisation,
give or take a couple of days.

The pups are born with their eyes closed, and depend heavily on their sense of smell touch and hearing, until their eyes open at 7 - 14 days.

Pedigree Weimaraner pups are born with bright blue eyes, which gradually change colour to amber by 6 - 9 months of age, be carefull of people advertising "blue eyed pups".