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To try and modernise the Enjager Weimaraner website we are changing the format of our updates, rather than just updating when we have a litter, this is now a general updates page for litters and all things Weimaraner.


Netherhill's got Talent

Good luck to Cain at this years Crufts 2019.

Cain is the father to Emmy's 2018 litter (photo's of Emmy opposite).

Weimaraner-Emerald-Sunset New-Puppy-Collars


Well done Cain, he's won best in class Weimaraner at this years Crufts 2019 for the second year on the run.

Photo Below

Enjager Little Entertainer home name Treason.


I Like Cake

Maisy gaurding her cake, not sure she'll share though.


Photo To The Right

Enjager Oakleys Whisper or Rafa.

Photo Second Right

Enjager Saphy's Lad At Far Old, or Luther sporting a very posh neckerchief.

Enjager-Oakleys-Whisper-Rafa Luthers-Neckerchief Luthers-Neckerchief

Photo Below Far Left

Amber on route to meet Cain, happy times.

Photo To Left

Rafa, having a lazy day, too tired to move.

Photo Below Near Left

What a lovely smile, Enjager Blu Equinox, or Blu.

Amber-On-Route-To-Meet-Cain Amber-Meets-A-Swan

Photo To Left

Amber meets a swan for the very first time, at Annerdale Water Services, on the way to meet Cain.


Great black & white photo of Penelope, Enjager Ems Dream Of Delilah.

Penelope-Black-White-Photo Blu-Smiling Weimaraner-Trevors-5th-Birthday

Video To The Left

Buddy, or Enjager Star Shooter and friend enjoying their training.

Paintings By Viv Dykes

The paintings are by Artist Viv Dykes, can't wait to see Viv's paintings of Enjager Stargazers Lad, home name Wilson.

Viv-Dykes-Artist-1-Weimaraner-Painting Viv-Dykes-Artist-Information
Viv-Dykes-Artist-2-Weimaraner-Painting Group-Photo-Weimaraners-Ready-For-A-Walk

Photo To Left

Our Weimaraners ready for their morning walk.

Ambers Scan Video

Always good to see a successful scan video.

Their Here

Meet Amber & Cains 3 big lads.

Weimaraner-Ambers-Puppy-Tummy Weimaraner-Wilson Congragulations-Amber-And-Cain Ambers-Weimaraner-Pups

Weimaraner Stripes

When Weimaraner pups are first born, they have light grey stripes, that fade over a period of a few days.

To The Right

Enjager Pepper Alexander, posing for a photo.

Pepper-Weimaraner Ambers-Weimaraner-Puppys-At-1-Day-Old Ambers-With-Her-Puppys

1 Week Old

What a difference a week makes, photo of the pups a 1 week old.

A Mother's Love

Amber cuddling up to her new puppies.

Feeding Time

Bottom left, these pups mean business.

Puppys-Suckling Luna-Agility-Competition

Luna's Agility Competition

Enjager Luna Moon or Luna, taking part in an agility competition.

Puppies Eyes Opening

Better watch out, when their eyes open the mischief begins.

Ambers-Puppys-Laying-Together Weimaraner-Puppys-Eyes-Opening Weimaraner-Puppys-Eyes-Opened Puppy-Worming-Time Clare-Gelderd-Photo

Enjager Weimaraner Photo Shoot

Another great photo by potographer Clare Gelderd, can't wait to see all the photos, the sun was shining and the Enjager girls were in posing mode.

Clare also took the photo of Amber feeding her pups.

Puppy-Escape-Plan Stanley-Eric-Trevor
Ambers-Hungry-Lads Time-To-Explore Image-By-Clare-Gelderd Penelope-Tatler-Photoshoot-1 Penelope-Tatler-Photoshoot-2 Penelope-Tatler-Photoshoot-3

To Left

Eat, sleep, play , repeat.

To Right

Puppy laying on his Mum.

Third Right

Ambers Weimaraner son fallen a sleep while suckling.

Sleepy-Head-Puppy  That-Doesnt-Look-Comfortable-For- A -Weimaraner-Pup Fallen-To-Sleep-While-Suckling Weimaraner-Puppy-Big-Lad Blue-Eyed-Weimaraner Snoozy-Weimaraner-Pup Weimaraner-Brothers Emmys-Weimaraner-Son-Arlo-And-Family Emmys-Weimaraner-Son-Wilson Ambers-Red-Collar-Puppy

To The Left

Little red collar puppy enjoying the good weather.

To The Right

Purple collar puppy enjoying playing on the grass.

Second Right

Black Collar puppy strutting his stuff.

Ambers-Purple-Collar-Puppy Ambers-Black-Collar-Puppy Rosie-And-Maisy-Weimaraner Puppy-Play-Time Hungry-Weimaraner-Boys Brotherly-Love Puppy-Bed-Time Newton-Enjoying-The-Sea A-Beautiful-Mother Newtons-Painting Otto-Enjager-Jupiter-Star

Puppy Profiles

The puppy profile is intended to show you a recent photo of the puppy and to describe their physical attributes and to try to give an insight in to their individual personalities and character.

Black-Collar-Puppy-Profile Purple-Collar-Puppy-Profile Red-Collar-Puppy-Profile Enjager-Silver-Talent Amber-And-Pup

Ambers Pups Go To Their New Homes

Enjager Fame Bright or Rupert with his new family.

Enjager Winston and his new family off to live in County Durham.

Enjager Silver Talent or Floki, with his new family he's off to Wolverhampton.

Enjager-Fame-Bright-Rupert Enjager-Winston Enjager-Silver-Talent-Floki