A Weimaraner's Diary

A regular update of a Weimaraners life
on a working Cumbrian Farm.

If you have any photo's or stories
of your Weimaraner please send them to david@enjager-weimaraner.com and we
will endeavour to include them on
this page.

Enjager Explorer at
Old Park (Wallace)

Wallaces new family kindly
sent us an update, Wallace
had a great trip home and
is settling in well. Once we
left you he cried for 10
minutes then fell asleep
and did not wake up untill
Just before Gretna. So we decided to stop there and have a quick walk around the outlet village, having forgotten to take into account the puppy factor our quick walk was soon 45 minutes once everyone had come to say hello and take a picture. It was then back into the car and straight back to sleep. We stopped a further twice on route and had no problems/accidents in the car. Once we arrived at Rannoch got Wallace some food and had
a good sniff around
the hotel. He also
slept all night
without any problems and has had breakfast. Thanks for all of
your help.

Wallace-the-Weimaraner-1 Wallace-the-Weimaraner-and-Steph

Ella is settling in very well. She

loves her cage and always sleeps

right through the night. She loves playing with her toys but we just have to teach her to bite them and not us! She has had her first injection and will have her booster and microchip shortly. Can't wait to get her out properly so she can have a good run around. She starts puppy classes next week which should be fun! Alan & Diane

Ella-Weimaraner-at-Home Ella-Shaking-Hands
Thanks Steph & Scott, for this great photo of their new Weimaraner pup Enjager Explorer "Wallace"

A Weimaraner Pups Day at the Beach (Henry)

Henry's day at the beach, theres a lot of different sights, smells and sounds, at the beach for a young weimaraner pup to explore, and Henry's going to explore them all.

Henry-the-Weimaraner-at-the-Beach Henry-the-Weimaraner-at-the-Beach2
Can-A-Weimaraner-Drive Fern-Our-Weimaraner-Driving
Fern-And Stanley
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Fern-Our-Weimaraner-at-Home Bracken-Our-Weimaraner-in-a-Field Sapphire-a-Weimaraner-in-a-Field

Our Weimaraners

Fern, Bracken and Saphy


This is a letter from your puppy Freddie. It was hard leaving you but I've settled in very nicely here. It's been all go , a puppy's life is such a busy one. There's all that eating, sleeping, growing, chewing, playing and walking to be done. I love riding in the car too and that pleases my new folks. Even driving to the vet for my vaccination was a blast - then there was all that attention I got in the surgery!

Everyone fussed and told me how handsome I am, maybe that's because my Weimaraner mum and big sisters are so good looking and because I had such a fine start in life in Cumbria. I get my second jab on Tuesday then I'm off to 'school' to learn to be obedient. Is that possible? I'll try hard and see if I can keep my mind on my lessons.. I like 'Good Freddie'. I get that when I nip out into the garden to go to the loo, when I walk nicely on my lead and even when I just ignore the cows and the sheep. 'No Freddie' isn't so good. I hear that all too often, it's something to do with my overwhelming desire for slippers, chair legs and garden stones. There are a lot of other things on the forbidden list. I ask myself why it's ok to chew my dog toys and not the kitchen table. Ah! the mysteries of life. When it all gets too confusing I just bury my head and ponder on the inconsistencies of human logic. See my photo! Please send my greetings and puppy wishes to the other boys and Ella. I'd love to hear from them. Freddie.

Weimaraner-Henry-at-Home Weimaraner-Henry-With-Slippers

Thanks to
Kathryn & James, for these photos of Henry,
there's nothing a Weimaraner pup loves

more than a pair

of slippers to chew.

Ella-The-Weimaraner-Laying-In-The-Sun1 Ella-The-Weimaraner-Laying-In-The-Sun2

Hi All


A quick update from Ella, life in Middlesbrough is good I especially like it when the rain stops and the sun comes out, I find the sunniest place to lay and soak up the rays.


I've had my second vaccination now, but was a little ill afterwards, but i'm ok now and looking forward to going on country walks with my new Mam & Dad.

Love Ella xxxxx