Another Year Starts

This year we hope to have litters from Enjager Ice Diamond Baby or Ice, this will be her first litter and Enjager Emerald Sunset, or as we call her Emmy.


Enjager Star Shooter

Posing for a photo, Buddy as he is known is from Emerald and Netherhills Got Talents 2018 litter.

Enjager Stargazers Lad

Wilson enjoying a day at the beach.

Buddy-Enjager-Star-Shooter-2019 Wilson-At-The-Beach-2020 Fern-And-Raymond-2020

Fern & Raymond

Fern tolerating a playful Raymond (our daughters Dachshund).


Ice enjoying her pregnancy.


Luna sat with her mum.

Fern-Snuggling-In-Her-Blanket Pregnant-Ice Luna-2020 Painting-Of-Wilson

Ice Meets Cain

Ice (Enjager Ice Diamond Baby) travelled to see Cain (Netherhills Got Talent) on the 12th and 14th of December 2019


A painting of Wilson, Enjager Stargazers Lad, by Viv Dykes Riverside Studio

Ice-Meets-Cain-2019 Rupert-Lounging-2020 Winston-Guarding-2020

Rupert Lounging

Rupert or Enjager Fame Bright, enjoying the nice weather in his garden.


Enjager Winston on guard duty with his new best friend.

Pregnant-Ice-2020 Bramble-Black-White-Photo-2020 15-Rupert-At-Puppy-Class-2020 Ice-And-Cain-Pups-2020 Ice-with-Her-Pups-2020

Ice's Whelping 

Ice's whelping was one of the most challenging we have come across,  complications that we had never experienced before were challenging but with the excellent veterinary support and help that we have, we were able to stabilise Ice and her remaining pups within a short period of time.
The situation quickly improved and Ice was able to settle and  enjoy her pups.
We were lucky to be able to draw on years of experience and knowhow or the outcome could have been very different.

Ice-A-Loving-Mother-2020 Sweet-Dreams-2020 Not-A-Care-In-The-World-2020 2020-20-Big-Lad Ice-2020-22-Brother-And-Sister Ice-2020-23-Cuddled-Up 2020-24-Eyes-Open 2020-25-Listen-To-Me-Roar 2020-26-Thirsty-Pups 2020-27-Let-Me-Out-Of-Here 2020-28-Plenty-Of-Room-In-The-Creche 2020-29-Growing-Up-Fast 2020-30-A-Bit-Of-Time-Off 2020-31-Hungry 2020-32-Playing-Outside 2020-33-Fun-Time 2020-34-Happy-Pup 2020-35-Up-To-Mischieve 2020-36-A-Moment-Of-Calm 2020-37-Iggy-Puppy-Profile 2020-38-Lokie-Puppy-Profile

Iggy & Lokie

Enjager Loki Lakes Warrior or Lokie with his new parents, Lokie is going to live in the Lakes, so we will see lots of him.
Enjager Iggy Star Maker or Iggy is going to live with one of our daughters, so I am sure we will see lots of Iggy.

2020-39-Lokie-Going-Home 2020-40-Iggy-Going-Home 2020-41-Buddy-With-Toy 2020-42-Otto-In-The-Hills 2020-43-Penelope-Singing 2020-44-Luna-Agility-Training


Penelope likes to sing albeit not very well.

Agility Cometition

Penelope competing in an agility competition, action photo by Lucia Dickinson

2020-45-Ruperts-Bed 2020-46-Winston-Enjoying-The-View

Weimaraner Fun

Love the photo of Rupert and his made to measure bed, Weimaraners are so comical, great personalities.
And Winston taking in the views after a long walk.

2020-47-Rupert-And-Best-Friend 2020-48-Blu-Is-A-Happy-Weimaraner 2020-49-Fern-And-Raymond-2 2020-50-Flokie-And-Best-Friend 2020-51-Newtons-Funny-Photo 2020-52-Emmy-Meets-Cain

Emmy & Cain

We took Emmy up in to Scotland for a second meeting with Cain (Netherhills Got Talent), so fingers crossed there will be some new additions to the Enjager gang.

Ice's Pups Come To See Her

Great to see Iggy and Lokie together with their mother, lots of playing and fun was had by all.

2020-53-Enjager-Iggy-Star-Maker 2020-54-Enjager-Lokie-Lakes-Warrior 2020-55-Brother-And-Sister 2020-56-Ice-With-Her-Son-And-Daughter 2020-57-Newton-Buddy-And-Wilson-Meet-Up 2020-58-Newton-Buddy-Wilson-And-Friends-Meet-Up 2020-59-Emmy-Whelps
2020-60-Emmys-First-Born 2020-61-All-Suckling 2020-62-Time-For-A-Snooze 2020-63-Emmy-Settled-With-Her-Pups 2020-64-A-Happy-Chap 2020-65-Sleepy-Weimaraner-Pups 2020-66-Checking-On-Her-Weimaraner-Babies 2020-68-Spencer-And-Friend

Proud Weimaraner Mother

Emerald is a fantastic Weimaraner mother, hardly leaving her puppies, apart from a morning walk with the rest of the Enjager gang

Spencer With His Rabbit Friend

Spencer has a best friend and guess what its a rabbit, certainly not an obvious friendship, but an example of how intelligent and versatile weimaraners are.

2020-69-Weimaraners-Lounging-On-The-Climbing-Frame 2020-70-Just-Chilling 2020-71-Hello-Mam 2020-72-Lunch-Time 2020-73-Sleepy-Head-Weimaraner-Puppy 2020-74-Time-For-A-Cuddle 2020-75-Handsome-Little-Fellow 2020-76-Worming-Weimaraner-Puppies 2020-77-A-Comfortable-Weimaraner-Pup 2020-78-Top-And-Tail 2020-79-A-Proud-Weimaraner-Mum 2020-80-Enjager-Iggy-Star-Maker 2020-81-A-Lazy-Day-At-The-Farm 2020-82-Emmys-Weimaraner-Litter 2020-83-Everyone-Likes-Milk

Puppy Creche

Emmy's Weimaraner puppies have moved in to the puppy creche now and enjoying extra milk, soaked kibble and their mums milk, lifes good.

2020-84-Weimaraner-Lazy-Day 2020-86-Emmys-Pup-Playing 2020-87-Time-To-Share