Enjager Bracken Meets Hero

Updates 1 & 2

On July 22nd this year we took our much loved Enjager Bracken to meet Gunalt Overhear (Hero) and as a result we are pleased to announce that Bracken hopefully is expecting a litter of Weimaraner puppies.

Update 3

Hero has a fantastic parentage which includes his father Gunalt Distinction for Brownbank and his Grand Father Gunalt Unstoppable from Mianja, who in his day was voted best Weimaraner sire all breeds.

Bracken's father is Gunalt Experience, son of SH CH Gunalt Goodwill and SH CH Gunalt Contradiction, both celebrated Weimaraners.

Update 4

Energetic Weimaraner Bracken letting off some steam, this photo was taken at 3 weeks in to her pregnancy.

Update 5

Because of how energetic she was we had our doubts that she had held to the sire, but to our delight the video opposite confirms she is indeed pregnant.

Update 6

12th August 2015, its official Bracken has being and had her pregnancy scan, she's definitely in pup, obviously its early stages, so fingers crossed she will be a mum again in September.

Update 7

Bracken watching over her Weimaraner family, her mum (Fern), Sister (Sapphire), Daughter (Ruby) & Niece (Emmy).

Update 8

Weimaraner Bracken out for a walk at 5 weeks in to her pregnancy.

Update 9

Bracken starting to show her Weimaraner pregnancy tummy.

Update 10

Our Weimaraners out for a walk on a freshly mown field, Bracken is in the foreground.

Update 11

Brackens nephew Ludo comes to visit his mother Sapphire and the rest of his family, the photo shows Ludo and his mother Sapphire.

Update 12

Bracken out for a gental evening stroll, before she gave birth to her Weimaraner litter.



Bracken hours after she gave birth to her litter of beautiful Weimaraner puppies.


Bracken has had chance to get to know her new Weimaraner litter now and she's happy.


Bracken's Weimaraner puppies chilling out.


Let us introduce, Brackens 2015 Weimaraner gang.


Todays photo shows Bracken feeding her Weimaraner puppies in the whelping box, a new whelping box is handmade for every litter, it is designed with over hanging sides to prevent the new born puppies from being accidently trapped against the sides when Bracken lays down to feed them.


One things sure, after a feed there's nothing better than a snooze.


The pups had their dew claws removed today by our vet, but mum was at hand to comfort her puppies.


Our washing machine is constantly on, Bracken is a Fab mother and is constantly grooming her litter, but their bed still needs changing at least once and usually twice a day.


Brackens litter of Weimaraner puppies are very demanding on her, so any opportunity of a walk with her sister, mum, daughter and niece are greatly appreciated.

DAY 10

In the first few weeks after birth we weigh Bracken's Weimaraner puppies everyday, to check their weight gain.

DAY 11

Bracken checking her pups are ok.

DAY 12

Two of Bracken's pups using their brother as a pillow.

DAY 13

A close up of yesterdays photo, two sleepy Weimaraner puppies.

DAY 14

A pile of sleeping Weimaraner puppies.

DAY 15

Bracken's Weimaraner puppies eyes have started opening now, the photo shows one being wormed for the first time at 14 days old and it doesnt taste nice.

DAY 16

Our Weimaraners making the most of the last of the summer sun.

DAY 17

Todays photo shows how much the pups have grown in 14 days.

DAY 18

Brackens Weimaraner Puppies are walking, oh no the mischief begins.

DAY 19

As the puppies grow, so do their claws so every now and then we have a puppy manicure session.

DAY 20

Tea time is a serious business for Brackens puppies.

DAY 21

We've had to extend the hight of the whelping box, puppies were escaping.

DAY 22

Bracken's Weimaraner puppies are at a lovely age now, sitting up and even barking (high pitched).

DAY 23

Bracken showing off her litter of Weimaraner puppies, to her sister and niece.

DAY 24

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Purple Collar (Boy).

DAY 25

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Pink Collar (Girl).

DAY 26

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Blue Collar (Boy).

DAY 27

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Green Collar (Boy).

DAY 28

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Silver Collar (Girl).

DAY 29

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Red Collar (Boy).

DAY 30

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Black Collar (Girl).

DAY 31

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy with a Yellow Collar (Boy).

DAY 32

The pups were 4 weeks old on Saturday night, Sunday Morning.

DAY 33

From 4 weeks old we introduce the pups to extra milk and soaked kibble, as at this age the pups become very demanding on Bracken and she would struggle to feed them all, the photo opposite shows one of Brackens pups resting after a lunch time feed.

DAY 34

Bracken's Weimaraner puppy up to mischief.

DAY 35

Bracken's Weimaraner pups are maturing, their starting to look like young weimaraners.

DAY 36

The young Weimaraner puppies are growing fast now, but they are also eating us out of house & home, theres's no filling them.

DAY 37

One of Bracken's pups enjoying an afternoon snooze.

DAY 38

Yellow collar puppy is smaller in size, but big in attiude, he's a bit of a character.

DAY 39

Best Friends.

DAY 40

The Weimaraner puppies are becoming very inquisitive now, their a joy to watch.

DAY 41

Bracken's green collar puppy relaxing.

DAY 42

Sleepy Weimaraner Puppies.

DAY 43

Hungry Weimaraner Puppies.

DAY 44

The Weimaraner puppies have grown considerably over the last couple of weeks, to days photo show's Bracken's Silver Collar pup sitting up.

DAY 45

When the puppies are old enough we put some sensory toys in with them to play with.

DAY 46

The puppies playing with their half sister Ruby.

DAY 47

Bracken's pups are becoming quite cheeky, everytime we go past them, there's a line of Weimaraner puppies peering over the pen.

DAY 48

Yellow Collar saying Hello.

DAY 49

Bracken's pups aren't puppies anymore, their young Weimaraners.

DAY 50

Watch out we have excelled ear growth.

DAY 51

The young Weimaraner's are displaying the typical Weimaraner attitude now, their beautiful and they know it.

DAY 52

This photo shows one of Bracken's daughters and her big blue eyes.

DAY 53

We received Bracken's puppies Pedigree Certificates yesterday.

DAY 54

"We are family", a trio of Bracken's Weimaraner puppies.

DAY 55

Unfortunately its always raining at the moment, the pups are itching to play outside.

DAY 56

Bracken's Blue Collar son Enjager Ace.

DAY 57

The Weimaraner Puppies are a wake early morning, ready for a hard days play.

DAY 58

Pink Collar or Enjager Amber with Enjager Emerald.

DAY 59

Pink (Amber) Weimaraner pup getting her ears cleaned.

DAY 60

Look how big I am.

DAY 61

Every time we pass the pen, we are greeted by Weimaraner puppies.

DAY 62

Red collar (Enjager Archie).

DAY 63

Purple collar (Enjager Merrlin), enjoying getting weighed.

DAY 64

Enjager Bella Of Evergreen (Black Collar) with her new family.

DAY 65

Enjager Rojo (Green Collar) with his new family.

DAY 66

Enjager Ace home name Blu (Blue Collar) with his new family.

DAY 67

No update today.

DAY 68

Enjager Annie home name Darcey (Silver Collar) with her new family.

DAY 69

Enjager Admiral home name Bracken (Yellow Collar) with his new family.

DAY 70

Enjager Merrlin home name Parker (Purple Collar) with his new family.

DAY 71

Enjager Archie home name Bramble (Red Collar) with his new family.

DAY 72

Enjager Amber At Far Old (Pink Collar) with her new family.

DAY 73

Enjager Bella chilling and snoozing at her new home.

DAY 74

Enjager Rojo at his new home, showing how good a boy he is, hmmm.

DAY 75

Enjager Amber with her new Dad.

DAY 76

Enjager Admiral (Bracken) learning the delights of playing with shoelaces.

DAY 77

Enjager Ace (Blu) chilling with his toys.

DAY 78

Enjager Annie (Darcey) chilling with her new best buddy Luna.

DAY 79

Enjager Archie (Bramble) posing for a photo.

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